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25 Argumentative Essay Topics You Might Want To Write About

There is something special about argumentative essays. They allow the writers to bring forth their opinions. They also offer them scope to be creative and take various stances to cement their opinions.

An argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is about discussing whether an existing system, pattern, regulation; or belief be allowed or not. Needless to say, there will be takers of both sides since the world is made of different types of men. Some feel positive in the liberation of women while there are some who believe in patriarchy.

Relevant and poignant

It is best if the essay is relevant to today’s times and is popular enough to interest the students. Topics from Politics, Health, Social cause, Internet and others make the students warm up to the essay.

Here are 25 argumentative essays for your purview –

  1. Which is more important – dedication or hard work?
  2. Which is a better form of ruling – fair monarchy or fair democracy?
  3. In the heat of women’s equality; should the women be allotted reserved seats (whether on bus or in Government) or not?
  4. Should freedom of speech be wholesome or punctuated by censorship?
  5. Which is responsible for the partisan nature of certain countries; their natural instinct or the Cold War?
  6. Should terrorists be corporally punished or rehabilitated?
  7. Should the celebrities take moral responsibility for the endorsements they do?
  8. Is the punishment for rape severe or too gentle?
  9. Should wives and girlfriends (WAG) of sportsmen be allowed in major tournaments?
  10. Should processed food be continued with or totally banned?
  11. The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Argue
  12. Should criminals be judged according to the level of education they have?
  13. Should porn movies be regulated or left to the taste of viewers?
  14. Is the current education system satisfactory or does it require monumental changes?
  15. Should marijuana be legalized?
  16. Should federal states be allowed total autonomy over financial matters?
  17. Should students be allowed the amount of liberty they enjoy at present?
  18. Should countries unify to solve the energy crisis or should they contribute separately to the cause?
  19. Should gay marriages be criminalized?
  20. Is adultery too much of an issue?
  21. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  22. The current electoral system in India is extremely fair. Argue
  23. Is nudism a taboo or is it actually a part of global cultural heritage?
  24. Should sports authorities take responsibility for the mishap and ruckus that unfair games cause in public?
  25. Should animals be caged for people’s pleasure?

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