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Choosing Catchy Essay Topics for High School Papers

As a high school student you will be told that the best advice is to choose something you like. That means a subject you have an interest in, have some knowledge about or better still have a passion or love for is most likely to be the best topic for you. The simple rule being that you write better about what you know.

But why would you want a catchy essay topic? Well it might appeal to you and inspire you but it could also appeal to your examiner or your teacher. Remember that the person who is marking your essay has to wade through dozens if not hundreds of essays and anything which is clever or witty or catchy might increase their enthusiasm to complete their task. So how do you come up with a catchy essay topic?

How indeed?

There are a number of ideas or tactics you can adopt and here are just some of them.

Brainstorming is a proven activity provided you treat it seriously. You can brainstorm on your own but it will help if you have someone else or even more than one person to brainstorm with you. You need to set the guidelines before you start and in this case it would be to come up with a catchy title. So think of a catchy word or words and then brainstorm that to see what results you come up with.

If you can come up with a title in two parts you can immediately get people's attention. A perfect example is if you use the words life and death in your title. They are obviously conflicting situations and the reader is immediately thinking about how the essay will discuss these contrasting and conflicting words and ideas.

People who like playing around with language or puns are those who will create interesting and catchy titles. He is an example. Champagne today; beer tomorrow. Now straightaway that title grabs your attention because you're thinking that champagne can be an expensive drink whereas beer is far more accessible. What has happened to create that title? It's a play on words.

And finally a survey can be a great way to come up with a catchy title. Ask your friends, ask your family or ask your fellow students. What topics do they find interesting? What topics would they like to read about? It doesn't take a great deal of effort but you can be very surprised and pleased with the results.

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