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How to Compose Strong Essay Topics for Kids

We all were asked to start writing essays when we were kids. It is when we first learned about introductions, thesis statements, body paragraphs, transitions, and conclusions. It is when we were asked to take our ideas and put them onto paper in neat little paragraphs. We learned how to set our paper up and write an outline. The process was first broken down into pieces and we tried to master each piece before moving onto the next. We read each other’s papers and learned how to proofread and edit. And then one day, we were on our own.

For some of us it was easy. For others it was hard. To give your kids the best chance at mastering the skill of essay writing, help them compose some strong essay topics. When you have a great topic idea and there are enough sources to get information on that topic out there, an essay is a lot easier. If there first experience is a positive one, they won’t go running every time they are asked to write a paper in the future.

So what are some good topics for your kids to write about?

Finding ideas for your child to write about mostly depends on the type of essay they are being asked to write. If they can come up with any topic, the prompts above can help them choose the right topic. If they need to write about the material that they have been learning about in their classroom, you can look at the homework that they have been doing or look through their textbook for ideas.

The idea is to find a topic where they have to think about what they would do if something happened or to write about a specific event or historical figure from their text.

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