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Food Safety Importance In Hospitality Industry Today

If the food served in a hospitality establishment is not stored, cleaned, and handled properly, it may become infected with bacteria or viruses. Consuming these products will cause food poisoning that can have some very serious consequences, including death. This is why it is imperative that every employee of a hospitality business is trained in food safety.

Food safety training teaches people how food must be handled from the time it is grown to the moment it is prepared and served. It includes studying these following areas:

  • Personal hygiene rules. Every person that comes in direct contact with food, tools used to prepare or serve it, or areas where it is stored must follow strict personal hygiene rules. They must wash their hands every time after using a lavatory or coming into the building from the outside. They also need to keep their hair covered at all times, and also their noses and mouths when coughing or sneezing.

  • Cleaning and disinfection regulations. All tools and surfaces that come in contact with food must be sanitized on a regular basis.

  • Pest control. The building must be inspected by a pest control specialist no less than once a year.

  • Food preparation rules. People directly responsible for preparing dishes must know the proper rules of doing so, and comply with them.

  • Interesting menus, friendly staff, high quality customer service, and beautiful interiors are important factors that make up a good hospitality business. However, none of these will matter if the food safety rules are not followed. In case an infringement is spotted in an official inspection, the business will be required to pay a fine and present proof that the necessary changes have been made. If this breach of safety regulations results in a case of food poisoning, regardless of its severity, the establishment may be closed and its owners and other responsible individuals might be subject to legal persecution.

    Enforcing food safety rules will not only help hospitality business owners avoid legal problems and heavy fines, but can be used to improve food management strategies. This will allow the business to reduce waste, and keep the quality of its products at the highest levels. This in turn will increase customer satisfaction.

    Every hospitality business must follow food safety rules, and its employees must be trained to handle products properly. They are mandatory requirements for these types of businesses because they are directly responsible for the safety of their customers. Following these regulations will also help any hospitality establishment raise its profits.

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