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Interesting Cultures

Humans are a diverse species made up of many different types of people. Some cultures are so different from others that it can be quite a shock when first encountering a new group of people. Despite our differences we have learned to live in harmony and mutually benefit from our individual strengths as one race.

Tribal cultures

Around the world, usually in isolated areas, you will find various groups of people living together in tribes. It is customary to be completely surprised and sometimes even appalled at some of acts these tribe members commit on a daily basis.

In a certain tribe found in the Amazon, a ritual of ascension into manhood is practiced that is quite different from anything you may have encountered. Gloves lined with the stingers of live, bullet ants are worn by young males for several minutes on more than one occasion, during the course of a week. This is excruciating pain and members of the tribe believe that it is a necessary part of a boy’s transition into manhood.

There are tribes from Africa that practice stretching their lips using circular objects and others that elongate their necks using metal rings. In each case, these bodily mutilations are regarded as a mark of beauty and are generally practiced by females in the population.

Modern Culture

Not to be outdone, so called modernized societies also posses their fair share of weirdness. For instance, in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, every year, thousands of people from around the world gather in the streets to participate in the running of the bull. This is extremely dangerous and many people are injured each year, yet they always return in their numbers the following year.

On the last Wednesday of August, each year, in the small town of Bunol, near Valencia, Spain, hundreds of people gather in the streets to throw tomatoes at each other. This is literally what the event entails and what a sight it is! People covered in red pulp and liquid from head to toe while joyously dancing in the streets.

A newcomer to the scene but just as relevant, the gay pride parade has taken the world by storm in the past years and continues to pick up momentum each year. This event involves individuals of homosexual origin parading the streets in bright colors, waving flags to music and is supposed to be a demonstration of self pride for people of homosexual orientation.

Humanity is diverse and interesting, we should each spend some time paying respects to the many wonderful things we have accomplished together, despite our differences.

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