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Composing An Outstanding Violence Definition Essay In 5 Simple Steps

Some writing assignments can be funny, some can be frivolous and some can be very, very serious. When tasked with composing an essay about the definition of violence, one must truly put some thought into how to handle this important, yet delicate topic. This concept is an unfortunate aspect of our existence as humans on this planet and must be discussed in an intellectual manner that is respectful of its negative nature. That said, here are five simple steps that will help you approach this subject with tact and intellectual acumen.

  1. Research the definition and different types of violence:
  2. The simple and basic definition is behavior involving physical force that is intended to hurt someone or something. However, not only are there many other subtle distinctions, but you also can’t turn in an essay composed of just one sentence. You will want to research the other meanings of the word and the types of violence you might find, for example, mental vs. physical, gang violence and domestic violence.

  3. Brainstorm ideas:
  4. Take what you’ve researched and the angle you’ve decided to come from and just start writing ideas down on the paper. The purpose of this is to make connections between your own experience and what you’ve researched. Once you’ve got some great terms, you can go on to the next step.

  5. Decide on the structure of your essay:
  6. There are many different types of writing out there, and unless your assignment is specific, you will want to decide what type of paper you will be writing. A definition connotes the meaning of a word, phrase, and concept. It always has two things: the word itself, and then descriptive words that do the defining. There are different ways to write a definition and even more ways to define something. You can define something the way we did above with just words, but you can also do it by giving a name to something you can describe. You can also do it a little differently, by giving examples, telling anecdotes or coming up with allegories.

  7. Organize:
  8. So now you have definitions, types, your own ideas and the angle you’re going to come from, and you can begin to take all of this information and put it into some sort of order. Many people like an outline and others simply work well with organized bullet points. This is the “real writing” of paper and helps enormously in the final step.

  9. Finalize:
  10. Finally, you can write the words you will turn in. Take your organized thoughts, write full coherent sentences using a topic, description, description, conclusion paragraph structure. Make sure it’s clear, concise and meets the assignments criteria. Polish with a read through, and you should have a great essay.

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