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A List of Narrative Essay Topics: Thinking Outside the Box

Narrative essays are written somewhat similarly to descriptive essays. The writer is expected to use descriptive language to set a scene but the narrative requires a particular perspective to be clear with reference to the setting and the time in which the described incidence takes place. Some topics have been over utilized in this style because they are simple to narrate. This is not to imply that such topics are bad, merely that they are often just as boring to read as they are to write and they don’t help you stretch your limits as a writer. If you want to avoid the low hanging fruit, use this list for some less conventional ideas:

  1. My own funeral as seen from the sky
  2. One day on earth as described by a microscopic extra-terrestrial being
  3. Losing a limb and growing a new one with the help of science
  4. On being adopted by wolves at a tender age
  5. Life as a fictional character in a dystopian post-apocalyptic science fiction novel
  6. My initiation into the Santeria faith
  7. My first day as a Carmelite nun
  8. The last ten seconds of my failed skydive
  9. My experience making fairytale castles out of sand on a deserted beach
  10. My audition for a reality television series about love
  11. How I ran away from home at the age of 35
  12. My life on the run from the pharmaceutical industry
  13. How I cured my narcissism with just three (almost) painless treatments
  14. Victor, Victoria, Vic: My poorly thought out gender reassignment journey
  15. My day as a mime in a dangerous city

You may have noticed that the topics listed above were…out of the ordinary. Most likely you’ve encountered other lists of narrative essay topics but few held your attention as effectively. This is because things that are different shock us on some level and make us want to keep looking if only to understand more. This is a technique you can use to draw readers in and to explore the fringes of your own ability. How convincingly do you think you could write from the perspective of an alien or someone seconds away from almost certain death? Even if you’re uncertain of your ability to fully convey the emotions of those situations, you will benefit more from trying than from writing “My first day of college” or any other trite topics. Write boldly.

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