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Writing 4 Popular Types of Academic Essays

Basically there are four main types of academic essays.

  1. Exposition
  2. Narration
  3. Description
  4. Persuasion

Some people can lay claim to more than four, but basically they would then be an amalgamation of two or more types of essays that are already on our list. Each type of essay performs a different purpose and requires different writing skills.

  1. The Exposition Essay. As its name implies it will be about exposing or explaining something or a concept to the reader. The writer will need to focus on who the audience will be for this essay, in order to get the pitch and level of information to match the level and interest of the audience. An Exposition essay will focus on a set of rules, or perhaps the benefit of a particular activity. This type of essay is usually used in essays that are required in business and 'or technical writing, writing that requires a comparison and contrast to be made between two topics and essays that are based on research.
  2. Narration Essay. This essay takes on the same job as a narrator for a documentary. The writer is providing the reader with an ongoing monologue that shares the particular details about an event. The Narration Essay is also used (and the same skills demanded of the writer) for personal essays, short stories and novels.
  3. Description Essay. This type of essay demands that the writer uses descriptive language that paints a picture for the reader. This type of writing demands creativity and clarity. Description essays are often used in fiction. It is a skill that not many writers attain.
  4. Persuasion Essay. As the title suggests this is about persuading the reader to change their view about a particular topic or at least consider a different point of view on a given topic. As suggested earlier that there is more than 4 types of academic essays, the argument essay is under the umbrella of the Persuasion Essay. There is a similar skill set that is needed for both the Persuasion and Argument essay as a they require a degree of ability in critical thinking and ability to use a variety of research sources.

Although you may be asked to write one type of essay, you may actually have to employ a variety of skills that are encompassed from all four essay types to complete your essay, as there are no boundaries to using one particular skill to write one particular type of essay.

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