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Essay Writing Advice: Is an Outline Important?

The outline is absolutely important for any paper. The outline is a key part in creating a good paper. The outline is where you organize your thoughts and find any questions or solutions. Consider the outline below:

Introduction: How does one define ‘Community’?

Historically there are many ways to define a community. Is community based on the language or is it based on the culture and the way people lived? Can we really search for a pure history, in this case, of Swahili, knowing that everyone evolves and comes from the combining of other communities of peoples? If in fact there is no way to search out the “pure” history, then why do historians continue to look for it?

Idea 1:

To begin, historians believed originally that the Swahili language came from Arabic. Their culture was Arabic-based, the language, the buildings, and religion. Then, in the 1980’s, Thomas Spear and Derek Nurse argued against that narrowing the descent to African, not Asian or Arabic, refuting all the same factors that were used to say that the Swahili were in fact of Arabic descent. Now, the argument is over which branch of African languages Swahili came from. The main argument discusses Mashariki as the origin of the Swahili language. Based heavily on the combined linguistic work of Derek Nurse and himself, Spear has concluded that the Swahili should be considered a NEC Bantu speaking people in their origin based on the linguistic showings.

Idea 2:

Ehret disagrees. Ehret focuses more on the locations of the Tana and Kwale ware traditions. Kwale ware has a fairly limited distribution in the northeastern highlands through southeastern Kenya and northeaster Tanzania. Tana tradition is more widely distributed, along the length of the coast, up the Tana River, in Mijikenda, on Kilimanjaro, Taita, Pare, the Usambaras and Ngulu. Ehret text: The cultural roots of the Swahili trace back to NEC Bantu people. Settled inland from the Tanzania coast in the 2nd century as part of the great expansion of the Mashariki Bantu.

Idea 3:

When using his evidence one can see that he feels that the definition of community is more along the lines of the culture. It should be based more on the cultural aspects such as pottery, socio-economic ties, and other cultural characteristics. Hence Ehret feels that the primary way to judge and base a view of community is through their cultures and the activities they did, their “ethnicity”. Ethnicity, an ethnic shift played a large role. Ethnic Shift. Race is socially constructed; race is a socially constructed idea which is presumed to have a biological determinant. Ethnicity is presumed not to be socially constructed and presumed not to be biological. Ethnicity = language + “race” +religious beliefs +culture+ food. Ethnic shift is changing what is important in the determinants.

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