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5 Essential Steps to Completing an Essay Quickly

It would be judgmental to assume that terrible time management mistakes led you to need to rush through an essay. That will need to be addressed in another article. For now, whatever the reason you’ve found yourself in this predicament, here are 5 crucial steps to completing an essay quickly.

Decide on a topic

The best possible topic for you when you have a deadline that you might miss is not the one that shows your style best, it’s the one that you can finish fastest. Perfectionists may cringe when faced with this predicament but there’s no avoiding it.

Gather research material

When you start writing you’ll want the process to flow smoothly. This means you won’t have time to switch back and forth much so everything you’ll need should be close at hand. Make sure that any book you want to reference is in your hand or a few clicks away.

Create an atmosphere conducive to writing

If you generally enjoy the freedom of writing with others and taking breaks for casual banter every now and then you’ll have to forgo that. It’s a privilege you only get to enjoy when you have time to spare. Sequester yourself somewhere nice and quiet and don’t come out til it’s over.

Have a good typing speed

This one’s a bit problematic. If you don’t have a decent typing speed the week before the deadline, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve that just as you begin the essay. For this reason it’s advisable that you develop your typing skills long before attempting a last minute essay. Every minute counts and the difference between 100 words per minute and 30 can cause you to miss the deadline for submission if the essay is long enough.

Find s good proofreader/editor

Proofreading and editing should never be rushed. In general they should not even be attempted immediately after the writing is complete. It’s still too fresh in your mind and you could easily miss a glaring error. Get a friend to check your essay when it’s done because you’ll already be a little exhausted.

Those are the top 5 steps to essay writing in a hurry. Use them when you must but remember, it’s much easier to just write your assignments on time.

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