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Who Will Suggest Me a Good Essay Topic to Write on?

When it comes to writing any essay topic, one should always consult first with the person that assigned the writing; whether it be a professor or perhaps a company offering a student a scholarship. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that one properly writes the essay according to the specific guidelines given by the provider. The worst thing that could happen is that someone writes an article about the United States before 1950 and they write only about the early 2000’s. This would surely cause for the student to receiving a less than satisfactory grade on their essay assignment or to not receive the scholarship.

Who Will Suggest For Me?


With technology as easily accessible as it is today, a student should consult with website search engines to maximize their research. This will allow for a researcher to find a vast array of topics to write about whether they are historical, pop culture or simply on how to better cook a dish for their family. The possibilities are endless!

Scholarly Research

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to writing an essay is to ensure that it is written after researching scholarly journals, websites, newspapers and books. In order to maximize the efficiency of a researcher’s essay, they must ensure they are writing with some sort of educational proof. If someone wants to write an article about the Vietnam War, they should ensure they read as many articles they can about the counter culture movement, Woodstock, the draft and its lottery system, specifics battles such as Hue City, amongst others.

First Hand Accounts

Researchers can also gain first-hand knowledge if they were to personally interview someone that was part of the war effort whether for or against. No better way exists to get a first-hand account of what actually happened during that time than to ask someone that actually took part in it. Researchers need to ensure that they do not let the personal bias of an interviewee affect their essay. This is extremely important to remember in case the person being interviewed has a racial bias toward the events they are being interviewed for.

Those Around You

As long as a student or researcher asks their family, friends, or teachers what would be the best essay topic to write about, they cannot be steered in the wrong direction. The importance of essay writing is to get one’s thoughts onto paper in order to express themselves and the events that transpired. This is the best way to ensure history continues forward, with the written researched word of the past.

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