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Guidelines on How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

A conclusion for an essay should bring the subject matter to a close. This means you should have a firm grasp of overall content for the topic. You should be able to present details based on your audience and their level of understanding. You may need to consider other viewpoints of the subject matter to help you restate main points. Another element to consider is reading conclusion examples. You get more insight on what information to include and what to avoid.

Avoid Including New Information Unless Otherwise

Most conclusions do not include new details. You are expected to emphasize main points mentioned and help your audience understand their meaning. In some cases if you introduce new information this can lead readers in the wrong direction. Instead of ending or bring the subject matter to a close you may have readers thinking more will follow when nothing will. Your guidelines may state how your conclusion should be written and whether adding new details is necessary.

Make Sure Your Conclusion Closes the Topic

Your conclusion should bring the topic to a close. This means you may summarize or paraphrase content mentioned earlier to just reiterate your main point. You do not want to write main ideas mentioned again word-for-word, but you want to mention them again to help your audience understand their position in your subject. You may want to add a quote or something of significance toward the end that will give the feeling the topic has reached its end. This can be a question or something that will leave readers wondering what if.

Think About What Your Audience Needs To Know

In the end, you need to think about your audience and what they should know about your topic. This has a similar feel to creating your introduction. What is the information you want readers to see right away and how will this affect their perception of the topic. The subject matter should be brought to a close with creativity and thoughtful insight. You want readers to feel they got most of the information from the content appearing before the conclusion. Yet, they should feel as if they are satisfied with the content as a whole upon completion of reading it. You may want to get an opinion from colleagues or friends on your content when making changes.

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