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5 Elaborate Topics for a College Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are those that outlines how to do something, or explains how a process works. They are very informative essays, and give the reader a lot of knowledge about doing things, or how something works. They are usually going to be very detailed, and explanatory. O here are some ideas that a student might work from, or get ideas from.

  1. Industrial
  2. Nature
  3. Activities
  4. Sciences
  5. Business


Students working on some business or technical majors, can find this area very useful. It could help to show how much they understand on business operations. Which is an area they would need to know when looking for work after school, in their field. So developing a good understanding, which the essay could help on, would benefit them. In this area, a student might do something like; “Data transfer, from the Keyboard, to Assembly Line”


Students working in Biology, or other related fields, can benefit from this area. Developing a better understanding of how certain aspects of nature can affect their field of study. This can show how well they have learned their area of study. As such, as topic like this could do a lot for a student; “The Effect of Lichens on Volcanic Terrains”.


Everyone has activities they enjoy. Sometimes it is just fun to share your knowledge in that activity. This is a good venue to share that in, because the student can show the amount of knowledge they have in the area. A student in a literary field could actually benefit from this, because it forces them to give a detailed outline of what they do. Such a topic might be; “Preparing for a Jump, Skydiving Preparation”


Any student in any of the science fields could benefit from this. Doing a topic on something in their field, would show their knowledge and understanding of that area of study. Writing a topic like; “How Aztecs Converted Brine to Fresh Water, 300 B.C.”


Even in Business Management courses, a student can show their skills, and develop them even more with his style of essay. Using any of the different fields of business management, they can create a good descriptive essay about something there. A student could write something like this; “Developing Effective Communication in a Multinational Corporation”.

These are all ideas that can be developed, or used for generating other ideas in a descriptive essay.

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