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A list of college essay topics to avoid

Writing an essay can seem like such a chore. When you already have classes to go to, a job to do, friends to spend time with, and other activities, there’s little time left for homework. When you find yourself in this situation, you need to have a plan to get it done in as little time as possible. That includes choosing a great topic. Having a lousy or overdone topic will make you hate this assignment even more, and that will make it more frustrating. In order to pick a great topic, you should be aware of which ones to avoid. Keep reading to find a list of topics you shouldn’t use and why.

When you’re ready to plan for your essay writing process, it’s important to organize what time you have. It’ll be different for each student, so look at your schedule and your teacher’s instructions carefully. Even in only a few hours, you can put together the start of a great essay. It just takes some focus and preparation, which all starts with a good topic. You can find these topic ideas online, from friends, or in books. Just make sure that wherever you look for ideas, you avoid obvious bad ones. Some essays ideas are on to-avoid lists for many different reasons, and you’ll find two of them below. It’s not just hard ones or inappropriate ones you shouldn’t write about.

Controversial Topics to Avoid

Topics to avoid doesn’t just include ones that are overdone or ones that teachers in general don’t like, but controversial ones. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with using a topic that’s controversial, but when you have a limited amount of time, it’ll take longer than a regular topic would. You need to find an idea that’s interesting but not research intensive. Here are some examples of controversial topics to avoid:

Boring Topics to Avoid

On the other hand, from controversial, there are topics so overdone and commonplace that you don’t want to do those, either. A boring, easy topic might save you time but if you want to get a good grade you probably shouldn’t pursue something that’s already been done to death. When you’re looking for a good topic, avoid these:

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