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Free Academic Sources for Essays: Where to Find a Sample

When are sample papers so helpful?

Because they give you an idea of what other students have done before you. They show you what standards will earn you what grade. For visual learners reviewing multiple sample essays is one of the best ways to really get a feel for the layout of the paper and what is required of you.

When you are writing an academic essay one of the ways you can ensure that what you produce adheres to your school standards is to find a sample. But where can you find a sample essay?

Your teacher.

Your teacher has filed from previous years which you can refer to for samples. You can contact your teacher and request a sample or two to ensure your paper is produced to the same high quality standards. Most of the time your teacher will supply you with a sample paper with the instructions so that you have a good idea of what you need to do. Even if they did give you a sample you can always request more. The more samples you review the better acquainted you will be with your requirements.

Other students.

Students who have already completed the course can provide you with additional paper samples. Even if they did not complete your exact course they have probably completed research and academic based papers for courses similar to yours which you can use as a sample. If you have a tutor or advisor they might be able to give you a sample essay that they wrote or that someone else wrote. This can come in great handy too.

The internet.

While finding an example from someone who completed your course or at least attends your university is helpful it is not the only way to obtain a sample paper. You can always turn to the internet to help find sample papers. With the internet you can type in the type of academic paper you are writing and search for samples that match the requirements. You can search by the format style such as APA or MLA or you can search by the type of essay such as narrative or research. The internet is full of sample essays completed by students and teachers too which will give you a great deal of insight into how to prepare your next paper.

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