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Where To Find Some Ideas For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare & contrast essays are designed to full explore a particular idea or situation and find ways of relating it to a separate, different item. They are meant to explore the idea and point out differences and or similarities between the two in an objective manner and draw possible connections between them. Here are some ideas on where to find compare & contrast essay topics:

  1. Look around you
  2. The world is made up of many different features and phenomena and upon looking around, you will notice many different things. If you look deep enough you will see a pattern to things and within this pattern you can find many interesting items to use in a compare & contrast essay. For example, if you look at any street, you are likely to see pedestrians and passengers in vehicles at any point in time, an excellent topic right in front of you.

  3. Search online
  4. If you have internet access, you can use any good search engine to perform a web search for topics. You may not receive the best quality titles possible but you are sure to get some ideas from the results. You could use these titles to devise your own or, if you browse enough, you may even find an excellent title on an unlikely website.

  5. Visit a library
  6. Libraries have been the centers of research for centuries and are sure to contain many essays and papers written by past scholars. Ask the librarian for the location of the information on compare & contrast essays and browse through the pile. Past students are sure to have had some brilliant titles which you could use or modify to suit your needs.

  7. View local news
  8. Most news reports have to do with conflicts, either between humans and other humans, or humans and nature. Conflict is caused when one party is unsatisfied with the existence of another in one way or the other and this can be useful when looking for compare & contrast essay topics. Identify the characters in any one conflict and write about them.

  9. Pick at random
  10. Exactly what it sounds like, brainstorm as many different topics as you can and list them down. Even better if you have a way of randomizing your selection with a bag or application, you’d be amazed at the comparisons that could result from a random pairing of completely unrelated ideas.

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