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Prompts on how to write an essay introduction present a statement and explain why some sides are for or against the proposition and ask the student for his opinion as to which side he supports. The aim is to get the essay writer thinking and weighing the alternative points of view and why the writer opts for the decision on which side to support.

These prompts can refer to many situations. What is important is that the student can absorb and understand opposing views and express his or her point of view and come to a conclusion after reviewing the facts and different points of view.

The argument has to be convincing and not just expressing pious sentiments. It should be closely argued on a sound logical basis. The introduction must encapsulate the argument and lay out the parameters for the essay.

The introduction needs to b a sharp piece of writing and the student must spend time thinking what he is going to write and how he will write it and the time and the word limit allowed. Each point should strike the reader and lead easily to the next in a coordinated manner.

Important elements for success in writing the introduction include:

The student must take a clear position on the argument and show that he or she understands all the issues raised. They must use varied word choice and sentence structure. The introduction must indicate the main thrust of the argument and a convincing conclusion statement.

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