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10 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

In a persuasive essay, you need to present an argument to get readers on your side. It is hardly possible to do when you do not actually believe in what you are writing about. Therefore, the most important thing about your persuasive essay subject is that you really care about it.

When choosing a persuasive topic, look for those that most excite you. Pick one you could argue with your friends or even with strangers, not one that you consider more fashionable or intellectually pleasing to your teacher. Great examples of such topics can be found in your school life. As a high school student, you probably have your own opinion on the proposed legislative changes that may directly affect your life. Tell the world whether you think they are good or bad. Be sincere, but do not forget to present evidence in support of your view.

You may also use a persuasive essay as an opportunity to express your opinion on general social issues and controversies. Some topics like abortion might seem overused, but there are still many other problems and concerns arising every day. Tell adults what they are missing. Perhaps it is you who is right.

Below are ten examples of good persuasive topics, both from school and a broader social life.

  1. Should high school students be required to complete community service in order to graduate? Or, should they be encouraged into volunteering by other means, such as academic breaks?
  2. Should students be paid for their high scores on standardized tests? Will it be a good incentive to persuade more teenagers to study well?
  3. Should students under 18 be allowed to leave school? Are there any measures more efficient than prohibition to reduce high school dropout rates?
  4. Should high school sports be limited or stricter, given the number of injuries they lead to?
  5. Should teenagers be allowed to purchase contraceptives without the permission of their parents?
  6. Should dieting ads aimed at young people be prohibited? Are they promoting healthy lifestyles or creating unrealistic beauty ideals?
  7. Is plastic surgery good or bad? Do you consider using it in the future as an option for yourself?
  8. Should scientists be allowed to use stem cells from aborted babies if it is the only way to overcome certain diseases?
  9. Should there be more or less government regulation on the Internet? Should cyberbullies be punished more severely, possibly up to imprisonment?
  10. Can a society do well completely without prisons?

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