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How To Select A Good Topic For A Personal Reflective Essay About Fear

A personal reflective essay is a piece of writing in which you not only introduce a particular problem, but also describe your personal experience with it. You should describe the feelings, attitude, and emotions you had in a particular situation. Therefore, the reflective essay is very personal and requires a special approach for its preparation.

The structure of personal reflective writing does not differ considerably from the other types of essays. It should consist of an introduction, presenting the topic of the work, and attracting the reader’s attention; the main body, listing your key ideas supported with samples and evidence from the real life; and a conclusion, summarizing the plot of the work, giving advice, etc.

Selecting a topic for your reflective essay is a very important task. The topic should illustrate the main theme of the text, but not completely reveal all information, in order to keep the readers intrigued. When writing about fear, you should consider several important aspects. Ask yourself the following questions:

Once you answer the above-mentioned questions, you will clearly see what you should write about. Formulate your ideas into a good, expressive topic that will attract readers’ attention. Then prepare a plan for your future work, and start writing.

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