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A List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

When writing an argumentative essay it is very good idea to try and think of an interesting topic to use. Not only will this make it more appealing for the reader, but it can be more enjoyable for you as you write the work.

What makes an interesting argumentative topic?

There are many things that may make an argumentative topic interesting; for example, controversial topics can inspire passion and emotion, thus making for exciting and thought-provoking arguments.

Controversial topics are not the only things that can be used in argumentative essays though; in fact, it is possible to use far more mundane topics, as long as there are strong arguments for either side. As a result, it is important that whatever topic you do choose, you should be aware that you will need to be able to provide distinct arguments for not only for the side that you are arguing for but potentially for the opposite point of view as well. If there a distinct arguments then the paper will be in danger of becoming more of an informative essay, rather than an argumentative one.

Research facts to use as evidence

In order to back up any arguments you are making, it is important that you research relevant and verifiable facts to use as evidence. As a result, this means that the facts that you find should remain on the topic, and should be obtained from respectable sources.

How to structure the work

The structure of the essay will depend slightly on how long it needs to be, which will affect how many arguments you need to make to back up your point. However, you will generally have an introduction, which outlines what you will argue about, followed by a body section, which include any arguments you intend to make, followed by the conclusion.

Some further topic ideas that you may wish to consider have been listed below:

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