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A Good Way to Start an Essay: Three Common Approaches

Sometimes starting off an essay can be the hardest part of writing. You feel like if you can just get started, the ideas will start flowing. Plus, the beginning of an essay is so important because it is where you draw your audience in. It is where you get their attention and make them want to continue reading. If your essay starts off boring or bland, you may have lost your reader before you even start. So here are three common approaches to starting an essay.

1st Approach: Quote

A great way to start your essay is by finding a specific quote that captures the essence of what you are trying to write about. You can find a quote that defines your main topic and it will start your essay off great. Using a quote from a credible source not only gets your reader’s attention but it shows them that they can trust in your work because you used a scholarly source.

2nd Approach: Interesting Fact

Another way to start off your essay is by finding an interesting quote about your topic. This is a great way to draw your audience in because they will want to know more about the subject. An interesting fact is going to easily grab their attention. They will also believe that your essay will enlighten them because they didn’t know that piece of information. They will be intrigued to continue reading.

3rd Approach: Tell a story

A third way of starting an essay is by telling your reader a story. This will help pull them into the topic because they will start to visualize what you are going to be talking about. Your story should be descriptive enough so that your reader starts to form an image

in their minds. They will be able to mentally paint a picture of your topic and that will help draw them in.

No matter which of these three common approaches you choose to use, make sure that you write something that captures the reader’s attention. This is your first impression. If it is something boring, the reader will have started off with a bad perception. If it is great, they will be anxious to read on. Be sure to keep the intensity all the way through your paper and spend time writing a solid conclusion too. Don’t just restate your thesis and clock out. Make sure you leave your reader with something to think about.

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